Be in the know: The ins and outs of Septic Tank Pumping

Once you hire CAPE COD SEPTIC SERVICES to inspect, service, and pump your septic tank, it is our responsibility to do the job right with minimal cost, inconvenience, and delays. However, many homeowners like to know how their systems work, so here’s an overview of the ins and outs of septic tank pumping:

Keep a Septic Cleaning Schedule

The average septic tank pumping and cleaning schedule is every 2-3 years depending on household size, wastewater needs, and overall usage. Regular cleanings and pumpings remove the accumulation of the scum and sludge layer in your septic tank, helping your septic system work efficiently and cleanly. CAPE COD SEPTIC SERVICES recommends if you use you property for rentals; as many do here, that you have more frequent pump outs.

Accumulated Solids in Your Septic Tank

The total depth of the scum layer floating on top of the septic tank combined with the sludge layer in the bottom of the tank should never equal more than one-quarter of the contents of the septic tank. If it does, because of insufficient service, there is a high likelihood that the accumulated solids will flow into the outlet pipe and out into the drain field lines, causing plugging and drain field failure. If you have a septic drain field failure, septic tank pumpings will need to be done more regularly until the drain field is repaired. Repairing, or in some cases, replacing, a failed drain field can be an unpleasant and often costly enterprise for the homeowner, which is why we suggest regular maintenance instead.

Digging Up Your Septic Tank Lids

Most septic tanks are buried 1 to three feet underground, and many have risers that extend to the surface, providing easy access for cleaning. However, some tanks are simply buried with no lids at the surface, requiring more extensive investigation and digging in order to service them. Of course, we always endeavor to keep your property as clean and undamaged as possible when we service your septic system.

If you are not the original owner of a septic system, or if it is a particularly old system, it might take more work to service. We are experienced in servicing all levels of septic systems, however, so we are happy to help, no matter how unique your situation.

If you have any questions about how to service your septic tank pump system, find your septic tank or drain field, or about the needs of an older septic system, give our office a call today at (508)-775-2825. CAPE COD SEPTIC SERVICES is here to help.


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