When you neglect to take care of your home’s septic tank, it goes beyond the bad smells, it can impact your entire neighborhood depending on the size of the problem.

Pumping your tank can help keep it functioning properly on a regular basis. It is a critical task, and here’s why.

Purpose Of Your Septic Tank

No matter the type of septic tank you have it works to safely process the waste from your household.

They are used in areas where there is no centralized sewer system. The tank holds wastewater underground and treats it through mechanical methods that are safe for the environment.

What Pumping Does

When your system fills up, it will need to be pumped. This will naturally happen from everyday use.

Pumping is a part of maintenance for your septic system just like inspections and repairs.

This mission of pumping is to clear your system of water waste so it can make room for more.

The process helps extend the lifespan of your tank, helps prevent smelly sewage smells, and prevents other issues that could impact your household and the neighbors around you.

When your waste is pumped, it is removed from your property in a safe, fast, and sanitary way that is environmentally friendly.

It is then taken to a publicly owned wastewater treatment facility where it can be processed and the water can be treated and reclaimed for use in a number of other applications.

What Happens if You Don’t Pump Your Septic Tank?

Septic tanks are filled with human waste and when neglected, they can release bacteria, phosphorus, and nitrogen into your water system, leading to contamination. A regular septic tank is generally made up of a septic tank and a drain field, or soil absorption field. If your system gets full, it can begin to clog the integral parts that make it work.

Some consequences of not pumping your tank include:

  • Water contamination for your household and surrounding properties
  • The smell of sewage in yard or house
  • Drains in your home are slow or fail to drain
  • Water backs up in the house
  • Swampy areas near the location of your tank or in the yard

Signs You Need Your Tank Pumped

Your tank can’t pump itself, and one day it will fill up and need to be emptied. This is an important part of your home systems and it needs maintenance just like your HVAC, plumbing, or your car.

You should be pumping your tank at least once every three years. Be sure to look for these common warning signs to know when your septic tank may need pumping:

  • Standing water in your yard
  • You have a drain or toilet that will not unclog
  • Your yard smells like raw sewage or waste, especially near your septic system manholes
  • Slow draining sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc.
  • High levels of nitrates in your well water
  • It has been several years since your septic system was last pumped

Call The Professionals

Septic tank pumping is a chore and service that an average homeowner cannot perform on their own. They may not have the proper equipment or knowledge on how to properly handle the waste. This doesn’t mean to skip pumping; it just means to call your local professionals to get the job done before it causes a problem.

If you do not know when to schedule a pumping,

Turn to CAPE COD SEPTIC SERVICES for all your residential and commercial septic needs.  You can reach us by calling us at (508) 775-2825 or scan the code below.

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