Title V Inspections

If your home is not on town sewer, a Title V Septic Inspection will be needed to determine if the home’s septic system meets Massachusetts Septic Requirements.  Inspections are where experience and the right tools really pay off.

Understanding Inspection Results

When a Title V inspection is performed, there are four possible results:

  • Pass is finding that the septic system is in normal operating condition.
  • Conditional Pass will be selected if the septic system is found to have one or more components in need of repair or replacement
  • Fail. This indicates that the Soil Absorption system is no longer working and the septic system is in need on replacement
  • Needs Further Evaluation.

After the inspection has been performed, the licensed Title V Inspector may feel that the finding of the septic are too close to the requirements set by the town on classification and the inspector requires the local Town officials to review the report for an official finding.


With each real estate transaction, a title V Septic Inspection is required.  Cape Cod Septic Services offers a special reduced rate for your valued customers.  Contact us today to set up your reduced rate inspection.

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