Commercial Service

Cape Cod Septic Services has invested in a 4800 gallon pumper truck.
This gives us the ability to pump larger quantities than some of our local competitors.

Commercial Septic Pump
Commercial businesses have to be aware of the capacity of their septic tanks and the potential of overloading their tank. Businesses that rely on the summer tourist trade cannot afford one day of downtime! We can coordinate a time to pump that does not interfere with your business hours.

Grease Traps
Grease traps can be a big hassle for restaurants and commercial kitchens if not cleaned regularly. Cape Cod Septic Services will professionally clean and maintain your restaurants exterior grease traps to keep it operating smoothly.

Internal Grease Traps
Cape Cod Septic Services has the equipment to pump and clean your businesses internal grease trap. Cleaning these internal traps on a regular basis will prevent drainage backups inside your business.

Emergency Commercial Service
Should something unfortunate happen our emergency services are available. We will diagnose the problem and fix it as quickly as possible, so you don’t lose a day of business.

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